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Inmunologic System

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There are many reasons for repeated infections -- allergies, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

However, one of the side effects of beta blockers is the potential for immune problems, so you will have to look at the timing of when you started Lopressor.

Sometimes one infection leads to another, because antibiotics "clear the playing field" and you become more vulnerable to other infections, yeast infections, etc. So how you treat your infections may help or hinder the way your immune system fights the next one.

I used to take antibiotics for bladder infections all the time. But I realized that all they would do was postpone the infection for a few weeks and it would come back. I wasn't healing my bladder. I read up and started to take herbs, vitamins, lots and lots of water, eliminate the bad stuff and the next infection was cleared up quickly with extra healthy things.

Keep learning about your body and you might be able to help yourself.

Good luck and stay well.


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Do you have inmunologic problems?

I have a lot of infections and my doctor don' t say me why.

Some of you have the same problem?


Yes I do have Immunodeficiency, just found out a little over a week ago, I kept getting sick all the time even after taking antibiotics I would get sick again. Sinus, lung, stomach infections over and over. trouble healing after big surgeries ect....

my doctor told me he did'nt think it was an immune problem. but now i have a bone infection and getting surgery on the 4th to dig the infection out of the bone because antibiotics would not help.

I made an appt with a immunologist and got a blood test to see what was going on and found out i have a primary immune deficiency i will need IVIG treatments for the rest of my life to help me get over the infections. you should seek out this kind of doctor if your getting lots of infections. I just thought my immune system was weak i never thought he would tell me i had an deficiency that required treatment. I'm glad i did'nt listen to my doctor and looked into it further for myself.

for more information on this go to http://www.primaryimmune.org/

good luck what ever you choose to do and i hope you feel better.


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