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Procrit Question


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Hi! Does anybody know the answer to this? In order to try procrit do your hematocrit #s from the CBC blood test and RBC have to be low or can they be in the normal range. Isn't low blood volume which the procrit is supposed to help something different from these numbers. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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Guest sonotech

MY understanding is that it is only used with certain forms of "anemia", which I would assume that it would need to show up in blood work (esp for insurance to cover it).

I have not heard of other uses, but who knows, there is ALWAYS new info coming out.


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I think the official use of procrit is for low RBC. But I think that doctors prescribe it off-label to increase blood volume in POTS patients, meaning that it is used for this purpose even though it is not the originally intended use for the drug. It think most meds prescribed for POTS are off-label, b/c I am not sure there are many drugs (if any) that have been specifically approved to treat POTS. Hopefully someday our condition will be more widely recognized so that this will change.


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