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Support Groups In Ny


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Hey everyone I have tried looking a few times for a support group in NY and haven't found anything. Does anyone know of one? and if not would anyone else in the Queens, LI, NYC area be interested in trying to start one?? I have had a terrible 3 weeks and made it to work today but feel like I am going to die and I am trying to make it through the day b/c if I lose my job I lose my insurance, and I just feel like none of my friends or family really understand what I am going through, although they try and actually meeting some of you might be helpful. Let me know if anyone knows any groups or has a suggestion. :)

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So sorry you're feeling that badly. It is very hard to limp along at work, trying to make it work. I'm sure many of us can sympathize.

Have you been diagnosed with POTS, too? Or, does NCS cover all those things you post about?

Best wishes with a support group. Nothing like being in contact with 'real human beings.'

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Stacy I don't live in NY, Milwaukee Wisconsin actually but I feel your hurt. I have been having a really hard 2 wks and feel very discouraged also.

It would totally help to personally know some people who are going through this so we don't feel so alone.

Everyone keeps telling me it will get better. Well I hope it does but for now it's ruining my days and I need to deal with the nows, not the laters.

Anyways I don't live by you but if you ever need to talk you can email me dsm3kidz@yahoo.com.

Hang in there


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