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Mylanta Is Back On My Night Stand

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So the Protonix has done nothing for me. Still laying here sick and I am back to drinking the bottle of Mylanta.... :) I have been taking the Protonix for 2 weeks, w ouldnt i feel some benefit by now?


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I've got it pretty bad, too (constant severe heartburn and a cough that lasted for 8 months, lots of burping and vomiting), and it worked like a charm for me... from day 1, so I'd see about trying other things. For me none of the OTC stuff works as well (zantac, tagamet, prilosec, pepcid, pepto, milk of mag.... ), so i'm about to go back and see if there's something insurance WILL pay for.

Sorry it's not working for you!

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For what it's worth:

Back in the 80's when my stomach/esophagus was trying to rule my life, I had a spunky, young gastro who's treatment plan consisted in chewing (well) three or four Gaviscon tablets immediately after a meal so that it would 'float' on top of the food in the stomach and quiet things down.

I had a GP (and God love them, they all tried so hard) who swore by a combination of Pepto and Tagamet.

BTW, have y'all been checked for H. pylori? (On this page, you can see them swimming across your screen. http://www.helico.com/ )

I lived on Pepcid for years, eventually I could stop. What I do now is frequently nibble on bananas, steamed potatoes or avocado (all coat the GI tract and I like simple remedies.) Also, I don't drink a glass of water without the help of one of these foods. Crazy, but any kind of water is quite irritating to my stomach. *sigh* I thought water was my friend . . . Remember, you are digesting twenty-four hours a day, and when you are dehydrated there is no digestion.

Water irritates my stomach. :) Need water to digest. :)

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Hi Jacquie,

I agree with Be Still that h pylori may be involved. They can test it with a biopsy of the tissue or an antibody test. There are natural and pharmaceutical treatments.

Acid blockers don't fix a problem if you are low in normal acid, rather than too high. We need strong acid in the stomach to digest proteins and begin other digestive processes. Partially digested food ferments and that can feel just like too much acid...especially if the sphincters aren't working well and there is reflux.

If the antiacids and acid blockers don't do anything, or make things worse, you might go into a health store and look for enzyme supplementation to provide what we normally make, or take things which are soothing rather than function blocking.

When water irritates you, wow!


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I'm on Pantoloc and it seems to do the trick most of the time, though very expensive. I'm in Canada and so Pharmacare pays for it for about 3/4s of the year for me. Our insurance picks up the rest. Try to sleep with the head of your bed elevated or get a wedge. I made my own by covering a piece of plywood with carpet underpadding and putting that into a king sized pillow case. I then prop that on two pillows. It's a little hard to get used to but it does work. I have to also sleep with two pillows under my knees to keep from slipping off this contraption. If I wear wrist braces for carpal tunnel, my husband says I'm quite a sight! <_< If I don't use it though my lungs are very congested in the mornings. My respirologist says that reflux is one of the things that triggers asthma like symptoms. Also try sleeping on your left side if you are sleeping flat. It somehow puts the esophagus at the high end of your stomach so that the acid can't leak out if there is a hiatal hernia problem. I would also recommend not eating near bed time. I have to because otherwise I wake up during the night.

Hope things look up for you....


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