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Can you please tell me about this Neck Wrap.

We are planning on going to Florida in a few weeks, I was planning on buying a cooling vest but is a little expensive for me. Maybe the neck wrap is cheaper.



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Hi, Sue. I just called the store where I bought it and they said they no longer carry it and that it had been discontinued. BUT!!! I think that guy was wrong! I just did a google search for "cooling neck wrap" and I found several similar products--including the one I bought, called the Cobber (an Australian product). Take a look at the URLs below; you can compare/contrast the products and prices.





I accidentally just closed the results of my google search; there were other links to check out. Oh well; you can repeat the search if you want to look beyond the URLs provided above. Definitely cheaper than a cooling vest! And from these sites, it looks like it would be great for those of you suffering from headaches and menopausal symptoms as well!

I have to say, this product TOTALLY saved me while I was on Grand Cayman Island. It's HOT there... and I wore compression hose and long pants almost all of the time. My tolerance for heat is very very low. Please don't ask me how we ended up on an island for 4 days :) but I did just fine. A few bad episodes, but the effects of the heat were absolutely ameliorated by the neck wrap. (And certainly I looked for airconditioning and shade and didn't spend hours sunbathing!)

A word of warning: I went into the ocean wearing the wrap and while I can't be positive of this, I think the salt water caused some kind of deterioration of the crystals inside. The next day, it seemed like something was wrong with the wrap--almost like the gel was coming out, even though I couldn't see it or smell it. Something just seemed wrong somehow. Since the trip was nearly over, I threw it away. But I'll certainly order another one (I'm glad I found these sites!) and wear it during Chicago's hot summer. (No salt water in sight!) The Web sites don't say "don't go in the ocean wearing the wrap..." so maybe I'm mistaken.

Anyway, have a great trip--and I hope others can get some benefit from this cheap, lightweight, and easy-to-wear product. (And even if you don't order this, you can always soak a neck scarf in cold water and tie it around your neck. I've done that before too and it helps a LOT.)


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You can find a cooling neckband/headband at some construction supply distributors. One in particular is at the following website and the cost is only $3.49! You can also use their store locator but call first as some branches do not stock the products. I don't know if they work but at least it is a reasonable way to give it a try.


(This is not an product endorsement, nor do I benefit in any way by referring you to this company. I just happen to know about these because I work in this industry and I noticed them in one of their stores on a recent visit. I just purchased some for myself and a group of friends who will be hiking in the Grand Canyon in a couple of weeks - I'll let you know what I think after the hike).

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