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I called the Disability Evaluation Services and my worker (from disabilitly eval. services) told me my case has a decision. I called SSI/SSDI offices and they said nothing is entered into the computer. If you couldn't tell I'm getting aggravated because I have soo many bills do it's ridiculous ;) . I was told on the phone by a worker that "5 months isn't that long to wait" so I said "oh well, when you have bills it is."

I can't find a job that I can do, so that's even more aggravating. I just wish I knew one way or another if I got approved or not, or if there is even a decision made. My worker NEVER calls me back and his supervisor isn't in until Monday.

If I do find a p/t job does that mean I won't get the SSDI?? They sure don't have a problem taking Social Security out of my pay checks, but boy when I need it, it's such a fight.

Does anyone know what this means? Does it take weeks for the decision to be entered into the computer??? Sorry for my horrible mood, I'm aggravated and not feeling good...hmm wonder why. Thanks for any advice or for anything to cheer me up.


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Well, I can't answer the question about how long it takes for a decision to be "posted" and mailed but I can take a stab at some of your other questions. Typically, a six month wait for an initial decision is not unusual. Unfortunately, many of us get turned down initially- I did, but SSDI did not have be CARDIO records which ticked me off to say the least. After you receive your decision, you will receive a packet of information explaining your benefits if you are approved.

Yes, you can work. In fact, SSDI has a work initiative that will allow you to attempt to work (with no cap on income) without losing your benefits for a said period of time if you feel like trying at some point. If you don't work full-time, you can work up to 20 hours a week and earn up to $800/mo without penalty. On the Social Security website they explain this is far greater detail than I can- but yes, you can work and get SSDI.

After you have been receiving benefits for two years, you will receive Medicare. My onset date according to SSDI was Jan. 1, 2004. Therefore, I was elibible for benefits to start June 2004 (there is a six month waiting period) and Medicare kicked in June 2006.

Hope this helps you a little. I know it is hard waiting but at least it sounds like they have a reached a decision. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


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