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Being grateful for a good day!

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The wierdest thing happened last night...I SLEPT LIKE A LOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other great thing is that my son doesn't have to be at school till 10am all week!!!!!!!! I don't know if it's I knew I didn't have to get up at 6:20 and didn't have that waiting for the alarm clock to go off feeling or I just had a "normal person" LOL glitch go off. Regardless I felt clear headed and non dizzy till around 3:15 this afternoon. The POTS feelings are creeping back up now but what a blessing today was. Maybe my celexa is finally starting to kick in cuz I had a very stressful weekend and I managed to still have a happy attitude. Thats gotta be the med cuz I havn't felt those feelings in awhile, especially during stress. Or it could be talking to Belinda on the phone, she's great to share and laugh with! Anyways just though I'd share some positive news.

Take care


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yippee! i hope tonight is just as restful & that the good days come more & more...

B) melissa

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I wonder what happens in our body to give us a good day? And why it can't just stay there. At least I know my body has the capacity to feel normal. If only I knew where the switch was that would keep it there I'd duct tape it in the right position!

Bewildered and dizzy once more

but still kicking

Kim B)

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