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Pulse too low again


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Well, I had high hopes for the Inderal, but once again...side effects. Im supposed to take 10mg 2-3 times a day. When I took 3 pills in one day, the next day my pulse was 40. Then I took 2 a day for about 6 days, and yesturday , pulse 40. So, I only took the one pill yesturday and then one today, and pulse is still low. 44-54. I wouldn't be freakin about it but when it gets low, I feel sick just like when it gets high. Well, onto a new med, I guess. I'm still waiting for my doc to call and tell me what to do from here. It's to bad because I thought I was doing well for a little while there. Not completely, but I did see improvement in my symptoms.

BTW, How low is much too low for your pulse? Where would you guys draw the line as to when it becomes dangerous? Just so I know for the future.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

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I don't know what other meds you are on but many of us take Florinef and a beta blocker. The florinef can help some of the sxs caused by the beta blocker. Or you may just have to try a different beta blocker. I was on propanolol (Inderal) first, then Toprol xl for years, and now Zebeta. So, it may be a trial and error thing for you. Discuss this with your doctor when you can- good luck!


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Oh dear, 40 bmp is awfully low. I do believe if I can remember correctly that >60bmp is technically brachycardia. I would definately talk to your doctor about this, especially with such a low pulse. This happened to me when I tried taking a beta blocker, which I am still unable to take. You might have to try taking a few medications together to be able to tolerate it.

Best of luck deary!


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