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Another Endometrial Ablation Question


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I have a question about endometrial Ablation.....does anyone know how painful it might be after the procedure? I am thinking about having it done in the next couple of months, to end my periods, but am a little nervous about the discomfort afterward.

Thanks Marli

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I had the ablation in April of 2005 and I will say the only problem was cramps..I always had bad cramps when menustrating and these were pretty much like those.. It lasted a few days, nothing that I couldn't tolerate with a lil pain medicine.. And I spotted for a few months after and now nothing.. I would do it again in a heartbeat.. The only problem is that my hormones are still there! :) Good luck..

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There are two major forms of ablation- Hydro Thermablation and Heat Ablation.

The first uses hot water to ablate the uterus. It is a good method of treatment for those who have a tilted or abnormally shaped uterus. The second is a wand that is used to manually go around and around the uterus and ablate the tissue using heat. We have used both in our OR and have seen good results. I do not know what the after effects are like for either though. Most of our surgeons use the water ablation.

I think that a good first step would be to ask which form your physician uses and research both to see which advantages both have to offer. One place to search would be PubMed...

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