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Bloated after eating


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Heylo everyone!

Im just asking if anyone else gets bloated after eating, or bad stomach pains. I have noticed that no matter what I eat, I tend to pay for it after I eat it. And you would think that would cause me to eat less, but i also happen to love food, so its hard. I think sometimes I think im heavier then I am because I constantly feel bloated. I have read a little that it could be related to POTS, does anyone have these same symptoms or know more information?

Any information would be helpful.

Thanks all and God Bless

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Bloating, stomach pains, nausea, etc. are pretty common with pots. Many people suffer from gastroparesis (sp?), slow gut motility, and other digestion problems. It could also be from a food allergy or food intolerance. I had severe bloating a few years ago but then was finally dx'd with celiac (gluten intolerance). Once I avoided all forms of gluten (found in wheat, rye, barley and oats) my bloating went away. I still get some digestion problems when I'm feeling potsy though. I think there are quite a few of us who have celiac, wheat intolerance or other food allergies.

Hope you feel better soon. Digestive enzymes are often helpful, so you may want to try those.

Best wishes,


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Guest tearose

YES I get this! You sound "normal" to me.. :unsure: !

All the above says it all.

Once I switched to many small snacks throughout the day instead of "meals" I felt improvement.

I also can't combine certain foods and digest them.....like, I can eat a salad just fine but if I combine a salad and a meat or fish I am sooooo sick! I can only eat meat with a cooked vegetable and NOT a starchy vegetable.

good wishes, tearose

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I am sooo with you on this. It doesn't matter what I eat. My body hates digesting food, I guess. I also noticed salads to be especially difficult. Maybe it has something to do with what I've eaten with the salad like Tearose said.

I really notice problems when traveling, though I don't do that much anymore. Also, I hate eating at other people's houses (that should be fun) because I usually have problems.

What a mess. And it's so tiring. And it changes all the time.

I may get some relief if I try eating many smaller meals. Hard to do if someone puts a great (normal sized) meal in front of you.

Anyway, you're not alone. I really hate my poor digestion.

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Hi. They sx sound all normal to me for POTS and also Neuropathy. I am on a j-tube from all this. I have Gastro Paresis. So allot of the sx you are feeling are probably a cause of POTS. Mine is.

I throw 90% of every thing up everyday. I have been on a j-tube since last June. I have had horrible troubles with my tube feedings. I got and get severe dumping syndrome. What is odd is I finally did re search my self and tried some over the counter products for tube feedings. I found that the Generic Safeway brand of slimfast does not give me the dumping syndrom like every thing else. My dieticis says it could be the osmolality rate in it. Not sure. How ever it is nice to finally find some thing that I can put threw my tube that does not make me feel like I want to die. I still have some troubles. But hey it is a level I can tolerate.

I understand about the LOVING food! I have always loved food and I do not know how to completely give it up. Any one got an answer for that one? i was actually thinking of asking my doc if there is any thing that will take my cravings for food awya and then I would not careif I ate or not. I am nauseated all the time and I also feel like I am starving all the time. Which is why I crave food even though I am SO nauseas!

All I know is once a day I have to eat even though I know I will throw it up. How ever I eat things like mashed potatoes and gravy, or ice cream, or tomatoe soup. Things I know will come up smoothly. I sure would LOVE a salad right now. But it would choke me to death. I have troubles with throwing up. Food gets stuck in my throat. **** I told my husband the other day to just call me the puker girl. I throw up every day. Whether I eat or not. And I swear the dry heaves are worse than throwing some thing up. Then this makes me more potsy. ARGH!!

I totally symapthise (sp?) with your sx and loving food.........................I do not think I could never eat again!

take care



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wow, i've had some doozies of GI symptoms last year, but nothing like what you're going through, corina! Bless your heart! I hope you have some relief!! isn't there *anything* the docs can do to make you more comfortable? i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, as i do everyone on this board.

i had horrible GI pain, all over. seemed to be from everywhere, gall bladder, spleen area, bowels, stomach, esophagus. had a bunch of tests done. more ct scans then i can cound, a pelvic ct scan (that was a thrill NOT) nuclear scans, xrays, lab work, EGD....couldn't find anything!! except lots of acid in esophagus. (GERD) so i got on nexium twice a day for that. i just figured it was an IBS thing related to POTS, since most body systems are affected. my PCP agreed.

i lost 60 pounds in like 3 months, drank ensures, gatorade. finally, the vomiting stopped. but i was still nauseated all the time. then i slowly began to eliminate suspicious foods from my diet.....which for me were high fat (even moderate fat) foods, dairy and vinegary or sour foods. i limit rich foods (like tofutti chocolate crunch cookie ice "cream") and have to eat small meals. i still don't eat as much as i "should" i just don't feel like eating a lot anymore. I am afraid of the pain.

you may want to check out ayurveda, an ancient way of eating for your health. it's extremely complicated, but it was a place for me to start learning about eliminating foods that might not make me feel good. there is a LOT of info out there on ayurveda, and it's not for everyone. you should consult a doctor before changing your diet drastically. but as a suggestion only, because it helped me considerably, here is a link to one of the more concise and well-organized sites on the subject. Ayurveda Holistic Online i am in no way a guru on the subject, but i think it is interesting and like i said, was a starting place for me, a different way to think about my body in context with what i've been taught as a patient and nursing student in western medical practices. this link is in NO WAY intended to bypass or undermine anyone's current medical treatment. OK, you guys understand that, right?

and I LOVED food. i was addicted to food. i still am, but the joy is gone for me now, mostly, because i miss what i used to be able to eat and get so frustrated trying to plan meals. the only thing that keeps me going is remembering that incredible pain, not wanting to ever go back, and knowing the new diet is giving me some relief. and checking out new recipes and having hope that the new diet will continue to work for me. i just can't imagine not being able to eat *anything* so, yes, i can sympathize, but only to a point, my sxs don't seem to be as bad, as long as i behave myself. i do get the "postprandial hypotension" after eating even small meals. have to be careful where i am when i eat, especially if we go out.

i wish you luck and relief. food is so intergral to a sound body, mind and spirit.

love and light,


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Basically, I look and feel pregnant 60% of the time. I can't seem to eat many small meals, because sometimes I am SOOO much worse if I allow myself to get at all hungry. So, I've been known to eat some pretty big meals that just sit there and go nowhere. That sure doesn't help!

But, yes, it sounds perfectly normal. I will tell you that I took Metamucil everyday for a couple of months, cut back on my eating, lost some weight, and it did help.

But I still have that "baby". Think it wold be born by now. It's been a year and a half!. Ha.

Hang in,


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