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blood pooling in abdomen?


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Has anyone here been tested for blood pooling in their abdomen? If so, is it worth it? Can they do anything about it if that is what they find?

I have that bloated sense of fullness near my abdomen, and it restricts my breathing. It is always worse as the day goes on, and means that I really can't function after about 2:00.

If I wear an abdominal binder, it helps some. But I've heard people mention this before, so I'd love to know anything you can tell mel.

Does Dr. Grubb have anything to say about it?

Thank you, guys!


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i have never been tested for blood pooling of the abdomen.. but would like too.. I'd be interested to hear what folks have to say also!

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I don't know if the blood actually pools there, but after I eat I feel like all the blood is draining to my stomach. The more I eat, the more it feels like all the blood is being sucked there.

I've been eating 5 or 6 small meals a day, some only amount to snacks really, but I don't get as hungry between times. I also only eat when I'm hungry, not when "its time to eat". I've noticed over the last several months that by doing this I don't feel that blood pooling in the stomach feeling much anymore. At least no where near as badly, and I've gotten used to the small feeling now, and it doesn't give me anywhere near as much trouble or irritation now. Also, if we're traveling and I can't eat the way I normally do, I get taht blood pooling in the stomach feelinlg again VERY badly and its very uncomfortable and upsetting.

Maybe you can try eat more smaller meals for a week or more and see if it helps.

I hope you feel better. UnciornIsis

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I'm getting tested on "where the blood goes" next Wednesday.. I've never seemed to have swelling in my legs, so this would be my guess, but i'll let you know. (Since apparently when I stand up, there's no more blood for my heart to pump.) He's doing another tilt and a stress test, I guess with more electrodes and stuff to track it?

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My GI symptoms are pretty bad. Sometimes I look pregnant from bloating at which point i take Reglan to empty my stomach. In my case I believe it is from the lack of blood to my gi system due to my wacko ans. When you eat or drink the blood normally goes to your gi system so you can digest and pick up nutrients in your blood. I bloat because it just doesnt move. I dont thinks its blood pooling, just the blood flow to my gi system is longer than ist should be for normal digestion and my body is working harder to digest.

I get full so fast and bloat so much i "eat" more liquid meals now, they go down easy. I am more concerned with nutrition than I am with taste. I juice organic fruits and veggies, or buy those "Naked" juices in the store. Dont get me wrong, I still go for the cheesecake but I only can manage a few bites.

After i eat anythiing, even the juices I sweat, i get hot and cold, In have nausea and get terrible stomach cramps.

Sorry i know its horrible wish I had more advice to offer


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Guest tearose


Yes, it is good to know if you have "splanchnic pooling" so you know if you should even bother squishing your abdomen or not! :unsure:

I do have this pooling and yes, it is worth compressing at certain times. I know when to and when not to.

Yes when busy around doing things regular things. NOT when very active or laying down. I also have different kinds of abdominal compression.

I also graze throughout the day and stay away from "meals" :( a meal will make me crash! I can't eat a full meal without getting super tired, or bloated or feeling foggy headed. My ANS doesn't multi-task!

take care, tearose

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Thank you so much for all of this information. I'm interested in knowing how your tests go, Lucfkychrm42! I just can't imagine how they must do that!

I DO find that abdominal compression helps sometimes.l It can get so bad that it keeps me from getting a full breath (more so than the usual potsy shortness of breath).

I'll try smaller meals and go ahead and keep using the abdominal compressor. I wish there was something else they could do for it. Do any of the meds decrease it?

Thanks again, everyone!


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