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Florinef, I know its been discussed many times before.

I was taking it 2 months ago, when my blood pressure skyrocketed. I was on .2mg 3x daily. So, the cardio took me completely off of the medication which I didn't quite understand, but anyways. My new pots doctor has put me back on florinef but only .1mg 1xdaily. I am noticing a higher resting heart rate along with feeling more tachy, shaky, nervous, and trouble sleeping. I did have problems with these symptoms before while on florinef before, but they seemed to go away. The florinef is giving me a little boost, so I am trying to stick it out.

Any suggestions?!? *(I go to my pots doc tomm)* :)

Thanks! Nicole

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.6 mg a day is a HUGE dose of florinef! .1 or .2 per day is standard, and if I recall correctly, Dr.Grubb doesn't suggest any more than .3 mg in a day.

It can take a few weeks to see results as it's a med that has to build up in your system.


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i second what nina said about the doses. while on rare occasions people are put on higher doses it's definitely not the standard operating procedure....

and yep, it takes a long time for florinef to "kick in"

hope your appt today went well...

B) melissa

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