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Barre-Lieou Syndrome

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Jim was looking up stuff for a lecture last night and happened to come across this web page. that discusses Barre-Lieou Syndrome


And I just wondered if anyone had heard of this before, or had been diagnosed or has had treatment for this. The web site is mainly aobut prolotherapy injections which I have no idea and am not sure about... The syndrome is what intrigued us. Talking about the neck and headaches and sympathetic nervous system and lists many of our symptoms.

Just close enough that we are going to look more into it but thougth I would share and see if anyone else has heard of this.

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My guess is that "Barre-Lieou syndrome" is a wastebasket term that chiropractors and accupuncturists and so on use when they want to attribute whatever is wrong with you to what they imagine to be a structural abnormality of the vertebrae in your neck. It's not a term that real neurologists seem to use very much.


Prolotherapy generally involves the injection of irritants to promote the development of scar tissue in specific locations. Personally, I would avoid it unless I had some clearly identified mechanical problem that a little bit of strategically placed scar tissue could fix.


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Thank you very much for the information!! I did not realize that was what prolotherapy was! Best avoided I agree thank you! I thought the syndrome was interesting and it never hurts to look into new things but ah well nexxxxxxxtttt. :)

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