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Low and high heart rate


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I was recently diagnosed with POTS via a tilt table test. However, when my 24 hour heart monitor results came back, I was told my pulse was going from 50 to 160 in a 24 hour period. Does anyone else have heart rate swings like this? I feel like my heart is skipping beats when I lay down.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Yes, I have very distinct changes in my heart rate throughout the day. Sometimes so intense that I can feel them. I do believe this comes along with pots, as our bodies try to compensate for pooling and dropping blood pressure. I do have trouble with this too, even when lying down. My heart feels as if it is jumping out of my chest, so uncomfy! :D If you do think that your heart is skipping a beat, I would suggest getting a heart monitor put on for an extended period of time. I had mine on for 2 weeks. This allows doctors to see everything! And it helps, especially if you think you might have an arrythmia or something of that sort. The 24 hr monitor is nice, but its only a day. Sometimes we experience things just once a week, or maybe every other day. It made me feel alot better and maybe it can give you peace of mind too! I have inapp. svt frequently throughout each day and its good to know that mines not dangerous. Just a pain in the butt B)


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