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I am seriously having some motivational issues here and have thought about trying some hypnosis?? Has anyone tried anything like this. My biggest problem is excercising, Dr. Grubb has always enforced the building of the leg muscles to me and I just have no energy...My diet is pretty stinky too, I basically just eat saltine crackers, pretzels, anything with salt and figure I need to change all this before I am worse off then what I am....so I figure I may start off with the hypnosis and then off to dietician.

any suggestions??



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Hi Sue;

Just the fact that you want to change any aspect of your regiment is a big step when it comes to motivation. Hypnosis is one of many things I have tried after my doctor and I experimented with many medications. I asked him about hypnosis and the only thing he recommended for me, about it, was that if I felt that it would help me then do it.

I have to tell you that hypnosis will work, but only if you are completely open to it.

Hypnosis isn't anything magical, it is a way of retraining your sub-conscience thought. It is a retraining your thinking. There is a big stigma surrounding hypnosis, such as only being done by magicians. But it isn't.

I do self-hypnosis for relaxation, and controlling my anxiety. It really does work. It is a deeper form of meditation. Then with practice and doing self-hypnosis exercises I automatically go into slower breathing and can slow my anxiety way down.

I need to work on my eating habits also. But like I said before, if you are willing to change then you can do the work to feel better. My suggestion to you would be to read up and learn as much as you can about hypnosis. It may be something that you can learn to do for yourself. There are many books on the subject. Just be very careful when hiring a hypnotist. They can stretch out your needed time as well as soak up alot of money. Knowledge is power. Good luck on your healing journey.

KathyP :(

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