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exercise and building muscle in legs

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Just thought I'd share this. Dr. told me to find someplace close to house that has resistance machines, so I don't hurt myself again and after shopping and checking them out, wow are they expensive! I'm am considering going to Bally's because they are running a special called "meet your potential" until 3/31/06. They also have pay month to month plan and you don't have to sign a contract. I have been trying to work out with my hubby's help at home with free weights and it's to hard to do lower body and I keep hurting myself. Dr. Grubb said the machines they have in gyms are better. Also most bally's have a pool. I'm still deciding but it sounds good.

Anyone in the Parma area of Ohio want to join too and we can have a POTS workout club! LOL it's an idea?


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I would join if I were you! That is a great price and VERY low for a good gym. The month to month beats just about anything-alot of gyms don't do that anymore.

The machines at the gym should be easier for you and there are TONS you can do for you legs and stay seated. Please consider doing a couple of sessions with a trainer. AFTER making sure the trainer is truly qualified, has the training, etc. The better the trainer, the better off you will be.

Than you can develop a program, make sure you are using the machines properly, and avoid injury. It's good to work with a trainer as much as you can IF they are really good and understand your needs. Also, it might be a good idea to have somebody there when you workout OR let them know that if you pass out what you need them to do.

Good luck and have fun!

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