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drugs that make you sick at first


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I'd like to know if anyone has experienced bad side effects at first where you felt it was making your pots worse but after you stuck with it you got better. I've seen a few people say it was that way with ssri's. Also if you did go backwards after the drug came out of your system did you get back to baseline. Just wanting to see what different people's experience has been. Susan

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I'm really scared to try new medicines. Most of them make me feel worse.

I can't prove it but, it was after I "forced" myself to continue and take Remeron (an anti-depressant I was taking to help me sleep), and then discontinued it after 5 months, that all "this" happened to me.

I can't help wondering if the trial of the Remeron helped bring the POTS on. I don't know, but...

To sum it up, sometimes you do not get back to "baseline". Sometimes you do. It's scary when you don't know how a medicine affects you.

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I have the same problem.... I am so med sensitive and some drugs I have "pushed through" b.c the Dr's made me feel like I was the only one who ever felt bad on them, and I always regretted it b.c I would pay dearly and it would take a me long time to get back what the drug made me lose...

I have had a bottle of mestinon for almost a year now... I have tried every week to take a pill but something tells me not to...

I go with my gut now b.c usually if I follow advise of dr's and go against what I feel inside its the wrong decision.

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Completely understandable! :angry: I am terrified of taking medications and its so confusing to whether or not the symptoms you get are pots or medication related. I know that when I took midodrine I got really sick at first but that was because my body had to adjust to the medication and I wasn't taking a high enough dosage. Its always good to start out at a small dose and work your way up! I also noticed extreme tingling of my scalp and legs. I have also tried beta blockers for my inapp. svt it was just a mess. My bp bottomed out!

We all have different reactions, you are your best doctor! I also try and stick it out, but if I feel that it is making me worse I taper myself off. And try again after talking with my doctor.

Best of luck to you!


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i think there is a distinction between a med causing a side effect and a med causing already existing (or previously existing) symptoms to worsen or flare up.

depending on what the issue is a side effect i may try to ride out and have had times where this has been fine, i.e. when i started on birth control (to help with my BP) i had mild nausea for about a week that was nothing like any other GI issues i'd had and was not limiting my day-to-day activities aside from laying off of breakfast a bit.

on the other hand...if something is obviously worsening some of what my generally major symptoms are, i.e. low blood pressure, high/low HR issues, and i'm able to directly tell that the new med is at fault (not always easy to do), it generally gets tossed much sooner. i haven't had this happen as often but it has happened.

and if side effects cross the line of an allergic reaction or are REALLY severe i'm not nearly as patient, though i often have a chat with the prescribing doc (or if not reachable another knowledgable doc or pharmacist) before i give it up.

hope this helps,

:D melissa

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Guest Belinda

I lost 38 lbs. in a month from "sticking with a drug"..and ignoring the daily vomiting. Need I say more ??you are your best detector but remember not to pysch yourself out to everything.

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SSRIs are notorious for making POTS patients feel worse before feeling better--according to my physician and my experience. Many meds cause side-effects that can ease up as the body adjusts--or not. But not all meds work for all POTS patients. And unfortunately it can be trial and error until you find what helps and what doesn't. I think it is highly unlikely that trying a new med and then stopping it could make you permanently worse off with POTS symptoms--but that would be a question for a doctor.


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The only drug I can take ok is ibuprofin.

Zoloft and Paxil made me way sicker. It is like it took my normal stuff and doubled it. My theory is that if it makes me so horribly sick it can't be good for me. I am terribly afraid of taking medicines anymore because they make me so sick.

Side effects are like a list of things that will happen with me.

How long I will stick with something depends on how unstable I feel. If it makes me feel way out of whack and unstable...it is out-a-here in about a day or two...

I could not stick with zoloft or paxil for more than a week.

All vitamins make me throw up.

Cold medicine makes me pass out.

Aspirine makes me unstable, but not terribly so.

Ibuprofine is ok.

fun huh!

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