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How do they test for hypovolemia?


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Hi Everyone,

How do they test for hypovolemia? My sodium tends to be low or at the bottom of normal on lab tests, but no doctor wants me to take salt tablets because my symptoms started a year and a half ago with hypertensive/tachycardia attacks.

Has anyone had a serum aldosterone test?



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Hello, I was diagnosed in November with Hypovolemia after having a blood volume test. My dr. didn't want to do the test because he says that most of the BV tests out there aren't accurate. I then found the Daxor BVA-100 method and he was "sold". It's 99% accurate and takes a shorter amount of time than the old tests. It turns out that I have a 35% deficit in red blood cells so I started Procrit injections this past weekend.

I hope this helps to answer your question. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I have not heard of the serum aldosterone test...what does it test for?

Take care,


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Aldosterone is diagnostic for adrenal problems--which can look like POTS or similar problems


Yes, blood volume is tested via blood work that calculates your total blood volume, red cell mass, etc.


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A nephrologist also tested my aldosterone metabolites in a 24-hour urine specimen. It shows how much aldosterone you produce in a 24-hour period. Mine was 8 times the upper limit of normal, which the doctor said meant that my adrenal glands were working overtime to try to compensate for my hypovolemia. We never did figure out what was causing the hypovolemia.

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I had the DAXOR test back in August. They also measured aldosterone (and others) in my posture study, and supine was 1.6, upright was 6.8- I don't know what it means exactly, but that was the only reference to it that I've seen so far. It seemed to go along with the other hormones and stuff being tested.

My doctor told me today doing a standing echo that he could tell by looking at the screen that there was no blood for my heart to pump when I stood up, so that sent the adrenal glands into a craze (esp. based on my NE jumping over 300% standing and things like that), so I think it's a helpful test to have.

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