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New Primary doctor..


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:D:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: I am so annoyed and mad and at the stupid doctor. I have been trying to see this new primary care doctor since the first week of January and twice he has rescheduled and so I waited again and today was suppose to be appointment and when we got there they were not there. The door was locked!!! I am so mad cause you all know how hard it is to get appointments and we HAD had to change doctors and now it looks like we will have to again. I checked before we left to make sure today was the day and it was. Mukie is going to call on Monday but i have feeling he wants me to find another doctor. And I really wanted to see about my sinus and extra tiredness and well I sort need a primary care it is kind of importatnt and oh you guys don't really need to hear this but arhgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I just need to vent!

Monday we will have to find someone knew.

I am sooooooo frustrated!

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Guest tearose

Hey, maybe the universe is sending you a good message? Maybe the doctor would have not been the right one! :unsure:

I like the idea of sending him a "missed appointment bill"!

I'd love to see his reaction to that! :D

Don't waste anymore energy on this doctor! You will find someone else.

Try to do some phone-pre-screening to see if you want to work with the next candidate. Make sure you like the staff and find out if the doctor is caring and listens to people.

Also, ask if they call to confirm appointments ahead OR if they don't mind if you call the day ahead to confirm so you never have to go through this again.

take care, tearose

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Thanks for the comiseration, I will send him a bill hahahah!

The sad thing is this is the doc my former doc (the traitor) reccomended!

Well you are right tearose maybe this is the universe saying run away run away! :unsure::D

So I will start anew on Monday finding someone

It is not enough that we are sick then you have to go through all this frustrating and argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh extra stuff!

Here to a new and improved primary care! :D

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