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I took Wellbutrin this last summer for a few months, but it was olny a small dose. I didn't really seem to make any improvements. But I know they affect people in differnt ways. I am now taking Cymbalta its in the same class for SSRI. It seems to help some. Not sure if this helps or not.

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They put me on wellbutrin before they knew I had POTS (and thought I had depression...yup, they thought my wildly irratic pulse and swinging blood pressure was depression...but that's another post). It ended up making my POTS much, much, much worse. I was bedridden and couldn't go to the bathroom on my own the week I was on it. I also developed an allergy to the dye in the pill and had to go to the hospital when it became anaphylactic.

I'm just one person though. So don't rule it out based on my experience. I'd like to see if it's used as a viable treatment for others.



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when no one could figure out what was going on i was sent to a psych who immediattly said this was biological depression and probably secondary to something else. (a she, so smart). She put me on wellbutrin and klonopin which has helped immensely. It was ironic that these also seem to help my nmh/pots. only thing is the commercial says low incidence of sexual side effect which is not true with me but i don';t know if thats from the other drugs and or my symptoms, especially fatgue. I am on max dose of wellbutrin and I have trid to back down but I really didn't do well. Just my response for what it is worth.:-)

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