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Ive had a harrrdd day.


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My uncle asked me to work with him today.

He fits UPVC Windows in houses, he dosnt know my condition, only my closest family know. So i found it hard to say no when he really needs a helping hand.

Ive had such a hard day. Lifting windows up ladders, holding huge frames that weight a tonne .... on my own 8ft above the ground whilst hanging out a window.

Its been a tought tough tough day, i feel shattered and tiered, but im proud of myself that i worked. First time in a year. Anxiety has recently stopped me, but this time i actually did it :)

Its not like its light work, its very physically demanding.

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Way to fight the anxiety and i'm glad to hear that you had a positive day too. Hopefully, this will help ease your tensions and make it easier for you to work. Take BaBy StEpS

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Yippeee! You should pat yourself on the back and reward yourself in some way!! Great job! I can imagine it was really tough for you since you do also struggle with the anxiety on top of everything else.

I hope tomorrow you don't "pay" for today's activity level but even if you do I bet you will be glad you have this day to remember.

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