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POTS and Surgery


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I am just curious to see what anyone's experience with surgery has been while having POTS. I might have to go back in for nose surgery (can barely breath!!). I had the surgery years ago (1998, I think) and once again I am having a hard time breathing. Just curious to see what others have been through...Hope it doesn't cause the POTS to get worse.


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I have had my appendix out ( emergency Surgery) as well as all 4 impacted wisdom teeth.

I did fine..... I never really saw a major problem.... I made sure I had IV fluids.....

I am sure everyone has different experiences though so its hard to say how you will feel

I think the biggest advise would be to make sure you have set up what you need that helps you feel better...such as meds or Fluids.....

I hope your surgery goes well if you have it. Take Care :lol:

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I have to have my tonsils out soon (putting it off) My ENT who is doing the surgery is in contact with my cardio. I know I have to go off miodrine before he surgery and i will be getting IV fluids before surgery. Bad enough to have your tonsils out at 40 yet alone with POTS. I m not real woried about the surgery, its the recovery that I think I will have a hard time with.

I wish you luck and just take good care of yourself.



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