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blood volume


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This is a stupid question but shouldn't there be a way to give us more blood volume or keep the blood up near our chest/hearts besides florinef?

That's not a stupid question. It's as good a question as why we have low blood volume to begin with. I can't get clear answers to that question, either. The usual response is either "some sort of autonomic nervous system problem" or "gee, that would involve some sort of really basic homeostatic mechanism." In other words, they have no idea.

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You would think there would be, but I guess since our bodies are supposed to do it all by themselves there really isn't much out there. (YET)

Increasing fluids and salt does help, like others mentioned. And of course there is midodrine.

This is what I ended up taking because I couldn't handle taking florinef. It does have very interesting yet distrubing side effects, but if your used to your crazy pots symptoms, its worth a shot. The other negative thing about it, is that it only lasts about four hours in your body. So, you have to make sure you take your dosages or you'll be on the ground. . . :)

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You could also look into trying Procrit injections. Procrit helps your body produce red blood cells. (this has been a popular topic lately if you'd like to read more I'm sure it would come up under the search feature)

Hope you find something that helps,


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well, lisa beat me to it....i kept meaning to add that procrit is another option, albeit not the easiest to get started with (or continue for that matter). other than that the (reasonable) options that specifically target blood volume are salt &/or fluids (either orally or via IV) and florinef.

:) melissa

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