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Article: IBS

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Treatment Options for Patients With IBS With Constipation?

IBS is typically categorized into 3 subtypes, based on primary bowel

habit. Stephen Brunton, MD, discusses strategies in managing patients

with IBS-C, with emphasis on providing global symptom relief.

Medscape Gastroenterology 6(1) 2004


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Oh... in order to see the artiticles, you do have to register...

the site is geared for medical professionals, so it will ask you where you practice, etc... well... uh, I'm not a *real* doctor, but I play on that site (well not really, I was semi honest...besides, I'll go by the doctor title within a few years).

perhaps you're not a doctor either but play one on the internet?

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I belong to Webscape, too. When I registered, I didn't have to pose as a medical professional. I listed myself as a medical employee, I think. I work in a Medical Center so I am a medical employee.

I have found many interesting articles there. I read the one that Nina posted. It's really encouraging for those with constipation IBS.

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