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Fluid retention in tissues?


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I am wondering how many of you retain fluid in their tissues on and off? I can retain fluid there even with hypovolemic symptoms...

I can put on 5lbs of water weight and lose it all over night.

dr Grubb explained this by saying that it was "leaky Veins" and Part of my collagen problem, but I am wondering how many with POTS get this? It is my biggest problem...

I am seeing a cooagen specialist soon for a second confirmation....


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I have been retaining fluid since my POTS began. I have been told it also is probably leaky veins. I suspect that for me, I developed POTS just after having my first child, and I had preeclampsia with her -- which causes abnormally excessive swelling beyond the usual amount in pregnancy. I think that I was swollen for so long -- a few months -- that my veins either got damaged, or when the POTS kicked in, it did something to keep me on this fluid retention pattern.

I really don't know much about why it happens, but I do know how it happens in general. The walls of the capillaries can be leaky in some people -- in your case, maybe because you have collagen issues. In others, they have high blood pressure or vein damage, causing the force inside the veins to build up until the blood has nowhere to go but to leak through the vessel walls. I had high blood pressure but don't anymore, so I can't figure out why I still swell.

I believe you might be able to get a Doppler of your leg veins to see how your large veins are functioning. I was told I had "ideopathic edema," which means I retain water for unknown reasons. There are some articles I have found on this at the following links: http://www.fpnotebook.com/REN22.htm



Good luck, and wear your compression hose! That will keep your veins from becoming even leakier.


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Thank you so much for the links calypso! Any info I can get on this helps!

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