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Reduction in Florinef Dose


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Hi guys,

TOday I had an appointment with my PCP. IT was great, I actually saw my PCP and not his NP or the other doctor in the office. I have gained 8lbs. in 2 weeks, so he only wants me to take 1 Florinef a day. He told me to call my cardio and he is also going to send a letter to my cardio and let him know what is going on. He also wants me to follow up with him every 2 months. I asked him today how many patients he had that have POTS and he said just 2. Even though he doesn't seem to have alot of experience patient wise with it he really listens to what I am saying and seems to know alot about POTS.

I went out and bought a pilates video. Hopefully I can tone my muscles up so my weight gain doesn't show as much B) . If anyone has any ideas to get rid of the extra pounds let me know! Since June I have gained 30 lbs.


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