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Ouch! Crushed Fingers


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Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

I was at a wedding on Sunday, and as I was leaving, I got into the passenger side of the car, and was still talking to everyone standing by the car, and realised that there was something on my seat, so I lifted myself up, by grabbing the door frame, and at the same time someone slammed the door shut, without realising where my hand was - OMG, it hurt so much, and my fingers are all cut and bruised.

I've taped my index and middle fingers, as they are the worst, in an effort to get them to heal quicker, as I have a bagpiping comp in a couple of weeks.

I put them in ice as soon as I got home.

Any hints on what to do to ease the bruising, and pain? I'm sure they aren't broken, just squashed!



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OUCH! Usually with a squash like that you ice for 24 hours to reduce swelling and then use heat. If you have blood under the fingernails that cause that horrific throbbing, the best thing to do is poke holes in the finger nail and get the blood out. A doctor can do it in just a sec. It doesn't hurt and actually feels a million times better in just a few minutes. The worst part is you can feel the heat of the little poker thing and instinctively want to pull your hand away. They will generally hold your hand down. However, remember you won't feel any pain from it, only better. Good luck...morgan

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