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vaccine question


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Hi guys! I'm starting school in the fall and have to make sure all my shots are up to date. There is one that is required for menningitis. However, you can choose to waive the shot if you acknowledge that you know the risks. I'm still debating.

Has anyone else had this shot? Have any advice for me? Should I get it or not? I notice that it says it's important if you're living in the dorms, which I will not be.

Thanks, Pam

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I got the vaccine before I started on florinef. My doc said that now that I am on the florinef that vaccines might not work as well, but he still recommends getting the vaccines. For example, he had me get a flu shot, but said that I wouldn't get as much protection as people who aren't on florinef/steroids. There have been a few people at my school have gotten meningitis and the school had to notify everyone who that person came into contact with (classes, parties,etc). Definetely talk to your doctor about it. Good luck!

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Hi Pam,

I don't remember how mennengitis is spread, but I read part of an article in a magazine in a Doctor's waiting room recently that scared me. Mennengitis makes you really sick, really fast, and is often fatal. If I was in your situation, I would talk it over with my Doctor.

That's my two-cents worth!

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Here is the UK it's not compulsory but highly recommended that all young people attending uni etc take the vaccine - I never took the vaccine as it was not recommended prior to my leaving university.

I believe you are at greater risk up until the age of 24/25. This is an absolutely terrible illness, and is often fatal if not caught quick enough - it is very hard to detect in the early stages.

Symptoms start with flu like symptoms, and a rash that when pressure is applied does not disappear (perfect way to check is with a glass) amoungst other things

You should discuss this with your doctor, I had a friend who caught this whilst she was in high school, she was incredibly lucky to survive. She was in hospital for a very long time.

Usually you have to be in contact with the person for over 6 hours (I think) before being at risk.

Good luck


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I got the vaccine this past fall, before I started college. I did not have any adverse reactions to it (except that my arm was a little sore, but that's to be expected). I do live in the dorms at college, but even if you don't you are still in contact with a lot of people on a regular basis, which puts you at risk for being exposed to menningitis. I would read up on it and talk to your doctor (as others have said) to help you decide whether or not to get this vaccine.

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