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Depression and paf?


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Has pure autonomic failure been linked as a cause to "permanent depression" ( what I call permanent depression is when you can not get off of antidepressents without reverting to depression regardless your surrounding circumstances)? If paf is the result or results in the reduction of neurotransmitters (correct me if I am wrong about that please) then I would think the brain would not get enough to function properly. I have been diagnosed with pots but I really have not been tested for anything else. I do go to Vanderbilt end of next week so I'll get a full diagnosis there. I am off all antidepressent and pots meds in preparation and I am having a hard time writing this blasted question (this is my third attempt) so I'll just leave it as is. Sorry if it sounds vague .

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Anyone with long term chronic illness will have problems with depression. People can have a primary depression due to seratonin uptake or whatever, but I think some are just predisposed, and some get it after their entire life changes, and not for the better, and there will usually be a low grade level of depression.

Whether it's situational or chemical, the result is the same. Many people who are otherwise healthy will be on antidepressants forever. So I am being vague and I guess my point is, it doesn't really matter as long as something is getting done about it. morgan

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