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Dr. Grubb


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I was wondering if Dr. Grubb has any sort of cancellation list or ways to get into him faster. I know the answer is probably no, since everyone wants/needs to get into him, but I just need someone more knowledgeable. I just got back from my PCP and had a horrible experience. They know absolutely nothing about dysautonomias or patient care, and I was so disappointed. I have been having new/worsing symptoms that my mom felt needed to be checked out, but this just turned out to be miserable. In fact, my mom said she never wants any of her kids to go back there and is switching our PCP. Anyways, I don't want to rant, I just was wondering if there was a way to get into Grubb faster. I have an appointment at the end of April, which I guess isn't too far away, but it just seems like a long time when you feel so sick. I just want to get help so badly! My cardiologist told me it looked like Grubb was my best chance for getting more help at this point, as my docs here are running out of ideas. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Melissa Hi..

Um.. I might be wrong here.. but I dont think that they have a cancellation list.. due to the fact that so many people want to see Dr. grubb.. Um.. I think that the only way that you could get in sooner is if you scheduled to see Dr.G's NP Bev.. and if not that.. I know april seems like a long time off.. But new patients (as well as current ones) generally wait on the average of 7-8 months for an appointment..

Do you have a doctor other then your PCP who treats you? cardio or anyhting? if so they could call and speak with Dr. grubb about treatment that you could try while waiting to see him... Dr. grubb has been good about talking to my docs for me about treatment and such.. it worth a try..

hang in there

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Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah I know that april is not too far off considering I made the appointment in September. But I am just getting so desparate. I do have a cardiologist here, but he is not really wanting to try anything himself as he is not really comfortable with giving many drugs. I have a neurologist who has really been the one treat me, but he is really busy so I only see him once and my next appointment is not that much sooner than when I would see Grubb. I guess it will be fine to wait. It just gets so frustrating to wait for answers! And I was just so fed up with my PCP today. He never even took my pulse. He listened to my heart for a second, and then my mom asked him if I was really tachy, because I had been all day. He said he didn't hear anything, but then my mom took it and it was 130. I don't know what his definition of tachy was, but I would think 130 would qualify! I just wish there were more dysautonomia experts out there! I think they certainly are in high demand!

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melissa I totally understand your desperation and frustration..I feel for you.. I really do..

i too wish that there were more "experts" on dysautonomia. shoot even more regular doc and health care professional that understadn POTS?dysautonomia would be a plus!

I wish I had more of a suggestion for you!! hang in there.. I know easier said then done..


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Hi Melissa,

I totally agree with Dizzygirl. Of course, it depends on where you live and whether you'd want the expense of going and possibly not seeing Dr. Grubb--- but we've seen Beverly a couple of times. She's extremely knowledgable and if you go on a Tues or Thurs. Dr. Grubb is in the office and might be able to stop by to speak with you too.

Good luck, hope you can get in sooner.


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