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Who do you see in Michigan


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I see a few people in here and on Dnet from Michigan and i went to see Sid Gillman at ann arbor and his office had not a clue about POTS and said all my symptoms were sleep disorder related. I am tired of my family Dr and heart Dr looking for " OTHER" reasons for my symptoms instead of recognizing and not looking at the POTS handouts I give them. I am wondering what Drs you MICHIGANders see to assist you with coping and medicating the POTS. I am needing to stay within state because crappy insurance doesnt cover out of state . and i am DESPERATE !

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I am Michigan Jan and I live near Ann Arbor and I wish I could recommend a good doctor for you. My primary care doctor is a bit knowledgable in that he has me for a patient, still I go to Dr. Grubb in Toledo for my POTS and my primary care doc accepts Dr. Grubb's recommendations.

I have also seen a cardiologist at Michigan Heart in Ypsilani (also part of St. Joes). This cardio has another patient with POTS and he does have a basic understanding of it, but he does not give me the latest information about POTS and he does not seem to keep up on the latest treatments--I am the one that tells him! So for me, Dr. Grubb (and now Beverly) is the best choice I have.

If you can get to Ohio to see Dr. Grubb, I recommend it.

I also heard that the U or Michigan in Ann Arbor is going to be having an autonomic testing lab. Maybe this has already been done. The doctors involved may be a possibility.

If you find someone closer to me I would like to know it.

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I've seen Dr. Russell at U of M in the past. I didn't find him to be the most personable of doctors, but he did test me for everything under the sun. He does know what POTS is. If my memory serves me correctly, Sid Gillman mainly works with MSA patients.

I believe Dr. Grubb has a much better understanding of these disorders than any doctor you will find at U of M.

My sister saw Felix Rogers not long ago, and she liked him. I've heard he's not a big fan of beta blockers.

I hope you can find someone who can help.


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My husband also saw an EP Cardio at Michigan Heart Group in Ypsi for tilt table testing but we too travel to Toledo for Dr. Grubb & Beverly for treatment options. He was first diagnosed by an EP Cardio at Michigan Heart (similar name but different set of Drs) in Troy and at least his diagnosis of NCS came quickly and he was directly referred to Dr. Grubb without searching for years for treatmenbt. We did not have luck at UofM.

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