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Wheezing, anyone?


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Hi everyone,

Has anyone else had difficulty with wheezing since their diagnosis? I don't have asthma (but I wheeze around cats), but am developing wheezing, that is worse when my POTS symptoms are worse. I am wondering if it is a mast cell activation problem, but I'm curious if anyone else has this.

Shortness of breath has always been one of my worst symptoms, but when the wheezing kicks in, it's a killer. The wheezing doesn't go away when I stop the beta blocker.

Thanks so much!


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Do you think that maybe you are coming down with a cold?

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I have this symptom as well as the shortness of breath (which is different). It is annoying at best, and scary at worst. I also wheeze around cats because I'm allergic to them. I'm a mild asthmatic. I tend to wheeze when having an allergic reaction and sometimes when I have a cold.

If you are wheezing around cats, maybe you need to be evaluated for asthma. I watch the pollen counts when I start to feel wheezy ever since I've been on a low dose beta blocker. There is usually a correllation. Also, like Jacquie said, the same thing will happen when I have a cold. I take an Allegra, and this usually makes things improve within a half hour.

I think it would be best if you told your doctor about this. Asthma can be dangerous in combination with a beta blocker (it blocks the chemical that your body needs to make to open up your lungs). Before I was diagnosed with POTS, I used my inhaler approx. 1-2x every 2-3 years. Now I use it several times a month, and daily if I have a cold.

You can try taking some Benadryl when you feel wheezy. If you feel better once it's in your system, I would talk to my doctor and investigate an asthma diagnosis.

Good Luck,


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