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I went to the theatre Sat night to see it for the first time. Had a blast!!! I met with the other actors that played in the movie afterwards and had pictures taken.

They had a question/answer session after the movie with the actors and I never laughed so hard. They told about behind the scene things that happened that you dont see in the movie...such as when Martha (Debbie) is looking thru the glass at my son Kyle and the new girl Rose (Misty) that likes Kyle while they were setting in the breakroom at the Doll factory (by the way it shows them making the dolls).

Anyways, Martha was trying so hard to be serious and I guess my ornary son and Rose had their faces up to the glass and was making faces at her thru the window. She laughed and said that was so hard not to laugh...they had such a good time making the movie.

Another one of the scenes where Jake (Roses old boyfriend, real name Kyle) enters the room after my son drops Rose off from date. They sent Kyle (my son) into the room instead of Jake and the girls said the look on all their faces was priceless and they laughed about it all afternoon.

The thing is about this movie...none of the actors were given scripts. Steven Soderbergh told them certain points to make in the scene and they had to just "go with it" and make their own script as they went.

Even Steven Soderbergh said it wouldnt be the same if experienced actors did this movie.

They never told my son that he was going to be interagated by a detective (real detective on our local police dept) so he was surprised and when Martha was questioned she said she got so upset cause the detective was so good, she almost cried and you can see how upset she was in the movie.

Gosh, there is just so much to tell ya, but I dont want to give the movie away.

If you do see it or have plans to see it...just make sure you have an open mind about it. Alot of people go see it thinking their gonna get special effects and action packed..Its a mystery/love triangle.

And yes, my son does have aniexty in real life and it does mention it in the movie.

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