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Hi Everyone,

I have applied for SSI and SSDI (my worker said I quilify for both, and to see which one I get on first) and I have a question. I am wondering what happens if I get on SSI/SSDI and then I feel as though I could work P/T? I have read that they allow you to work for 9 months with still getting your SSI/SSDI pay, but after that time period they would stop your benefits. I am just curious, because I know that I could not hold down a F/T job as of right now anyhow. I have noticed that alot of people go through periods where their symptoms are less severe, but then they relapse. It seems like such a pain to have to go through the whole process again.

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with anything l ike this before. :lol:

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jacquie -

you're on the right track with the 9 month allowance but there's actually more to it than that. the rules for SSDI & SSI are different as well.

for SSDI...

for 9 months - consecutive or otherwise - you can work & earn any amount of income (as long as you are still considered to be disabled). work is only counted toward the 9 months if you are earning over a certain amount of income per month (up to $620/m in 2006).

after those nine months there is another period - 36 months long - wherein if still deemed to be disabled you still keep benefits if you are earning less than what is considered "substantial" income ($860/m in 2006). if you make more than this in any given month you don't receive SSDI but can restart the benefit automatically if your earnings drop below the cutoff amount without having to reapply.

it's summarized here:


and explained in more detail here:


the rules for SSI are different and i think vary by state but i'm pretty sure they're explained in the above link as well.

hope this helps,

:rolleyes: melissa

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