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Update on BP Issues


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Hi, I had posted a while back about how I am having problems getting my BP done and my potassium levels checked because my PCP and Cardio (the one in Plymouth) won't do anything until my Cardio (the one in Boston) sends the orders. Well, I have called Boston 3 times and today the nurse told me to come in Monday and to make sure I tell my Cardio what's going on. She couldn't even believe that they wouldn't atleast check the BP laying, sitting, and standing. It's funny how Boston Hospitals are soo much busier (than docs around here) and the people at the front desk as well as the doctors, etc. are soo much nicer and squeeze you in to see the docs w/o being nasty. I am going to post Monday after my apptmt.


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Hi again Jacquie,

It is strange that some doctors willl listen and check these things for you and others find it unnecessary!

I have been known to just say to doctors, I am the patient and I want this done...so do it. My daughter has done the same. The funny thing is whatever we are feeling that makes of feel the need to have it checked usually then shows up. (Sounds grouchy of us, but we call it being pro-active.) Lol Take Care! Renee

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