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Mrs. Glass

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I just want to thank everyone for the kind words. I really needed them. I know that there is not miracle pill out there, if there was I would have it. I guess that I am just grieving over my old life. I miss the days that I didnt have to ask for help to do anything. I did it myself. I am also lonely for my friends. I just cant believe that everyone has forgotten about me. I know that they all have busy lives, but just a phone call would be nice.

I saw my therapist last week and she said that the outburst were actually a good sign. She said that if one is so depressed that they need hospitalized then they will not have the mental strength to have outbursts. So I guess that is a good sign. She also said that I would blow up at the small things because they were safe, and I could not blow up at the large things. Like my health or my doctors. So my mind just goes wham!! at the little things.

I have my first Disability doctors appointment next month. I am really nervous about it. I dont know this doctor and have never even heard of him before. But I will just tell the truth, and hopefully my body will do all kinds of crazy things. When I first started going to my Cardiologist, he didnt believe me until one day I almost passed out standing up, and his nurse took my b/p and it was extremely low, he almost put me in the hospital. But then at least he believed me. Put it this way I hope that I am not having a good day, they are few and far in between but they still do happen.

It is just so hard to get on disability in New Mexico. I had a friend who was dying of cancer, and found out in the late stages of it, and he was not approved for it and died 3 months later, but there is a guy down the street who just has glaucoma that is all, and is on disability. Go figure!

Well I just really wanted to say thank you to all of you. I would be lost without the support of all of you. My eyes are hurting and blurring out so I had better stop straining them. Thanks Vanessa

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Hi Vanessa, I just wanted to tell you that when you go to the docs apptmt. bring some of your records showing test results, etc. I had to go see a doctor to get on insurance and I brought a print out from DINET describing what POTS is and it's symptoms. I highlighted the symptoms I suffer from and I also gave TTT results to the doc. He didn't know anything about POTS so I am glad that I brought my records. Keep us updated on how you make out though. I wish you the best of luck.

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