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cileste side effects?feeling odd


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I know it sounds odd, but it's true. For the first few days, I'd get the occasional gnawing feeling in my lower abdomen but now it's like a full on horrific period if I move at certian times- proper shooting/stabbing/heavy pressing sensations.

I'm just wondering if this is common? If it's not, I may go to the docs. It just comes from nowhere- one minute I'm ok, the next, I hve horrendous stabbings that reaches down to my legs, too.

Also- it's meant to be good for spots but I'm getting more ;)

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I am assuming you are talking about a b/c pill? If that is correct then I can say that when I used one brand years ago I had the same thing. I thought my uterus was falling out and had stabbing pains in my legs. I stopped that brand and switched to another and I was fine.

It just may be the amount of progesteron, estrogen etc. that is just not good for you.

I found at that time,(I was about 22-23yrs old)that a tri-phasal type was good for me. Ortho's have worked for me w/o those problems.

Talk to your doc. It is a very uncomfortable feeling.

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