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Good Dysautonomia docs in Oregon?


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There aren't any Dysautonomia Docs on the West Coast, I've put countless hours, phone calls and have searched at length for a few years now. I was teased with the prospect of finding a couple in California but when I called down there it turned out to be a waste of time. The funny thing is you would think there would be some up at the University of Washington Medical school, especially since the GNome project is there. Rumor has it that the VA Hospital in Portland has one of the largest Gulf War Syndrome labs in the country but they also don't take civilians.

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I live in washington state and don't go anywhere. I deal with the ignorance of not knowing. I absolutley can not afford to go back east, and any more, would not be up to the trip.

I learn all I can, give the info to my usually great but unknowing doc and go from there. To some people it is well worth the money, I just don't have the money. Now I also don't have the health. morgan

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good luck with your appt.

:o melissa

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