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Birth Control Pills


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Hi, one more question I have for you guys (this is the last one, I promise!!!)...Does anyone take Birth Control Pills and Florinef?? I am supposed to take them, but I read that if you take Florinef you have to check with your doctor before you take them together. Anyone know why? Thanks AGAIN!!


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Since florinef raises blood pressure, it might be to make sure you don't have hypertension. Hypertension and the pill can be a bad mix. That's jut my two cents- I have no other ideas. Maybe someone else does?


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I am on florinef and the patch (Ortho Evra). You should ALWAYS check with your doctors and pharmacists about mixing meds, no matter what they are.

I also wanted to high light what someone else already said- about the yasmin causing potassium problems. I wouldn't be able to have MORE of a K deficiency, florinef already depletes me of K as it is. I can't take a higher dose of K because I'm already taking the max my body can absorb.

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