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Tremulousness or De-conditioning


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Hello everyone! :(

Lately I've been experiencing a lot of tremulousness (my arms and legs just shake and I feel extremely weak and like my legs can't hold me upright). This isn't new for me but I started thinking to myself what if the shaking is just my body reacting to being deconditioned? Does anyone have any insight as far as any differences between the two?

Just wondering what your experiences have been....

Thanks again,


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Hi Lisa,

Are you on any new meds that could cause that for a side effect?? Lately I have had alot of weakness in my legs, I almost fall over because I can barely hold myself up sometimes. It's worse in the mornings.

I think mine may be to being deconditioned and the fact that I have put on 20 or so pounds doesn't help much. :( I have looked into getting a recumbent bike which should help strengthen my legs....I hope!!! It's going to most likely take a while since I can't do much exercising, but hopefully it helps!


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