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has anyone taken erythromycin to help with gastroparesis/dysmotility? it's an antibiotic but as a side effect can speed up the GI tract. i've read about it as a alternative tx for gp/dysmotility but haven't heard any first hand experiences with it....

i came home from the GI doc with a script for it to try when i have my worst motility flare-ups (or rather lack of motility flare-ups) to the point where i can't keep anything down & have to go for IVs & the like with hopes that it might help quell them. my doc - who i really like & seems to be up to speed re: dysmotility & dysautonomia in general - says that usually the e-mycin helps people but less so over time so that it might help do the trick in spurts of a few days here and there.

of course i'm not allowed to touch the stuff until after i have my test next week for the GI bacterial overgrowth as it could obviously skew the results so hopefully there won't be a need for it in the next week.

i don't think i've heard anyone on this board using the med for this purpose but figured i'd double check...

:rolleyes: melissa

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My doctor just prescribed this to me. I have gastroparesis. He said he wanted me to try it for 14 days before I try domperidone. If it works he wants me to stay on it long term. Right now I'm suppose to take it 30 min. prior to meals and at bedtime. I just started it and took my second dose.

I notice cramping in my stomach but haven't been on it long enough to evalutae it. It's 200 mg.

I'd rather try domperidone because I have alot of issues with the nausea and I think that's suppose to be better for nausea.

My motility doc feels "E" could work so we'll see.

Let me know how it works for you. Alot of people on my gastroparesis yahoo group tried it. It worked for some and not for others. Everyone's different.


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