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Anxietol 7: Anyone ever taken it for anxiety or depression?


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Hi, everyone,

It's been awhile. Over Christmas, I went through a severe bout of depression. I couldn't stop crying for days and days. My doctor put me on Paxil, 12.5 mgs. daily, which threw me into tachycardia episodes and POTS symptoms. He now wants to try me on Lexopro. While looking that medication up on the Internet, I came across Anxietol 7, a natural treatment for anxiety and depression. Has anyone ever heard of it or even tried it? If so, what do you think? I'm so afraid to try new things because, as you all know, with POTS, you never know what you're going to do!

Hope you all can help me. I'm very, very depressed and know I need a medication, but I just don't know what will work with my POTS.



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Linda -

so sorry that you've been having such a rough time. i have never heard of anxietol 7 but would encourage you to definitely talk with your doctor first if you're consider trying it. i'm assuming you've already seen this but here's a link to the actual contents of the supplement that would probably be helpful to show your doctor in case he/she hasn't heard of the specific anxietril formulation: http://store.medabiotics.com/anxietol7.html

i can't say anything pro or con obviously about something i'm not familiar with but it's important to remember that just b/c something isn't a Rx med doesn't negate the possibility for side effects, interactions with other meds, etc.

sorry to hear that the paxil gave you more problems. i don't have experience with that either but have taken celexa & lexapro in the past. i started one initial b/c of depression with hopes that it would help dysautonomia too; i think it helped the depression some (or else it got better for other reasons) but nothing for the autonomic issues. years after that i tried one again to try to help with autonomic stuff & we're not sure if it did or didn't help but certainly didn't hurt anything (which is why i eventually stopped it).

hang in there. i hope things start to look up for you soon,

:( melissa

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I have no experience with it either, but I wouldn't take anything without my docs okay. Herbal and natural stuff has no regulations at all, so that always makes me a bit nervous, considering the problems we have with drugs that were in trials for 10 years before being released and still had to be pulled.

I have taken care of people on herbs that swear by them, and others who've had bad experiences. I would assume they should be treated like anything else you put in your body for medical reasons. Talk to your doctor first. Good luck..morgan

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When you started Paxil, what dose did you start? I think we can avoid a lot of side effects and hardship when starting any new drug by starting out very low and very slow. For example, several years ago, I started paxil at my doctor's recommended dosage. He assured me that it was a low starting dose. I had a heart rate of 180 lying down, I became suspicious, and I had very strange and dangerous thoughts and experienced hypomania. I had to be watched for 10 days until my body learned how to manage the drug. I finally gave up on the Paxil becuase of weight gain and constipation.

About a year ago I tried Lexipro. My doc said to start with 1/4 pill, which is indeed a low dose. Well, I started with 1/8 a pill a day for 1 month. And guess what? No side effects, but at about the 1 month point, the positive effects of the drug kicked in and I could think very clearly and had more energy. I continued to take the drug at that dose and finally stopped it because it then put me into hypomania and I couldn't get any rest. SSRIs are not for me. However, the lesson is that you can sometimes increase your chance of success with a new drug by taking it very low and very slow.

As far as unregulated supplements, I choose to leave them alone becauase they are unregulated.

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