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I think I need to move into a retirement home!


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Can you believe this?

As well as having POTS, I have just been dx with arthritis - they are doing tests to see what type it is and what to expect - - -

I've had numbness in my hands off and on for weeks now, and have noticed when they aren't numb, my fingers are very saw - and today, I was in agony - it felt like there were needles in my hands and all my knuckles on my hands were red and swollen - I thought I better go and see the doctor to at least get something for the pain - he took one look and said, it's definately arthritis - and I have to have blood tests done to see what type it is, and doesn't know if it will get better or worse.

He has given me some Celebrex to ease the swelling - which has worked a little (well I can type now), earlier in the day I couldn't even write more than a couple of words (and then it looked like chicken scratch), let alone use a mouse.

I think God must be trying to stop me playing the pipes! I can't stand for long, and now the pain in my hands....

I have a friend staying with me over Christmas, and a similar thing happened to him - however it was in his feet, and quickly progressed, within a year he was generally in a wheelchair most of the time, and now is crippled with pain most of the time, and of course has had to quit work. He says that after he got the pain in his feet, it was almost overnight that he started to get pain in all his joints. So, naturally I worry -

And then I have the results of all the blood work and what not from the neurologist to look forward to next month -

Anyway, I'm keeping my chin up for now - this pain may not be perminant, and I'm probably over-reacting, but if you could see my hands at the moment with all the swollen knuckles - they look like they belong to a 70 yo not me - and all pretty much overnight...

Anyhow, I'm going to bed now, if it can come on overnight - maybe it'll be gone in the morning...

Just venting I guess - I'm so tired of having all of these bits and pieces that don't work right!

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Hey, my mom just moved into a "retirement community" and I already think I'm in too poor shape to go and eat in their cafeteria for evening meals or sit on their shuttle bus to get somewhere, or go on one of their trips, etc.

Get the drift? I think a retirement home requires more than I can handle already. It's pitiful, isn't it? Especially since she's 80 years old and I'm a measly 54.

Just thought I'd empathize with you.....

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My husband, Jeff, has metatastic esophogeal cancer and has made it through 8 rounds of three of the most agressive chemo drugs there are, used in combination. He is still taking care of me. Even on his sick chemo days, he is still more capable than I am of grocery shopping etc.

Several years ago, when my mother-in-law (now deceased) was in her early 80s with heart failure and emphysema and a big aneuroysm, could still manage a higher level of activity than me. That one really used to get me down. Such things make me well aware of how low my quality of life is most days.

When they say that a POTS patient has a compreable quality of life to a person with heart failure, I think that may be an overstatement for some of us!

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Guest Belinda

I am with you ,save aroom for me-I used to take care of people it was in my blood ,now I feel like I need the help to chase after my two little boys.LOL.. much less do all in life that is needed!

Hang in there!

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