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Blood Pressure---75/45----what in the world?

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

This morning I woke up and took my BP---it was 112/68 sitting---then stood up, and it fell to 75/45 in less then a minute.

I know my BP gets low after standing, but was not aware on how bad it was getting. No wonder I was weaving all over the place the last few times I have attempted to go out for any length of time. I know for some time now that it is virtually impossible for me to go to the grocery store, but I still try, and if I don't make it my husband finishes the job. I just like to try and get out---or I get very depressed.

At the ER is was 148/78................nerves i'm sure. I was pretty hyper-adrengic the whole time---I hated being there, and kept asking when I could get out of there.

I have really wanted to go to the Art Museum---(Toledo has a beautiful one)---but it requires a lot of walking. Right now I don't think it's possible. I'll get wiped out just from taking a shower---actually I now have to take a bath as I feel like passing out in the shower.

I can't imagine gettng any type virus right now.......what would that do to me? B)

I feel like a rag doll---literally..............my joints feel so unstable---and there too much movement.

Sorry for the vent---I'm not one who normally takes my BP---but once in a while i'll keep track for a while---it's been running 80 over something---but today was real low. I have no idea how low it gets while i'm attempting an outing of any kind that requires me to stand or sit for any length of time.

I guess I better load up on more fluids---and salt.

Julie :0)

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So sorry that your symptoms are still so debilitating. I know how difficult it is, how hard it is on one's spirit, to be homebound all the time. Of course you want to get out and do things, even if it is really hard. Do you use a wheelchair--and would that help? Perhaps the museum offers wheelchairs?

If you haven't regularly checked your bp (which is probably a good thing not to check it constantly, unless your doctor wants you to--I know I went through a phase when I checked it way too often. I would get so worried if it were high or low, which I don't think helped me. When I showed the readings to my EP, he said it was helpful to him to get apicture of my condition, but he was not worried about anything he saw, nor did he make any changes in prescriptions) this bp of 75/45 may not be unusual for you. I have had a bp of 80/50 sitting down at the doctor's office! And with this bp, I have felt functional--maybe a little tired. Anyway, I guess I am just suggesting that this reading may not indicate any serious downturn in your condition. It is really common for POTS patients to have significant drops in bp when they stand. It verk likely indicates low blood volume. I hope you find that increasing salt and fluids helps.

Can you talk to your doctor about this bp and ask if s/he thinks you should monitor it for awhile?

Hope tomorrow is a better day!


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Julie-- hi!! B)

I'm so sorry that you arent feeling well.. pots is so hard...

have you ever tried mestinon or Pro amatime to help raise your BP?? forgive me.. i cant recall if you have or not...brain fog!

maybe they would be of help to you.. if you can handle the side effects?? I know that you are really sensitive to meds.. and stuff...you could talk to harry maybe or call bev and talk to her about your BP.. she if she has any suggestions??

I know for me.. that when my BP gets low.. that if I make some campbells chicken noodle soup.. and only use about 1/3 of the can filled with water..to add for the broth... that if I eat just the broth with some saltine cracker in it that it is a real boost for me...its a quick fix.. if you dont want to add any more pills to the mix.. oh and drink some water or gatorade with the broth and crackers too.. that helps.. and some times you just need to lay down till you feel better..for me when my BP geta really really low... and i cant move... to make the broth or drink anything...sometimes thats all you can do....is lay down..

HUGS to you Julie..

I hopw that you feel better soon


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Can relate to that BP, I just hate that feeling. Half the time I feel like a drunk person walking around or my vision is blurry. Does your BP normally run that low? Maybe see if your doc needs to make adjustments (dosages) to your medications. Hopefully you just were a little too dehydrated and just need replenishing of fluids/salts. I find when mine is at its worst that seems to be the culprit. I hope you feel better soon.

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I'm so sorry to hear of the different bp;s. even with the drugs i will have days i can't explain the wild readings. i really don't shop any more,passed out at stores 3 times, so I know what i need and thats all i get. I call it kamikaze shopping.and i drink a tea or gatorade while shopping. I know where the benches are and I've even asked a clerk to hold my basket for awhile i'm not feeling well. they usually don't have a problem. the fatigue is still the great mystery. Hang in there. I do take my pulse and bp twice a day just to show dr so we can evaluate any med changes etc. I write down next to it my general feeling of the day. I still can't show a pattern but I do think it helps. Too much shopping and holiday stress right now, even if you think your controlling it. I you have to just sit down on the floor *** you knees in front of your head fo a few minutes, I live in a small community so this has really started the gossip mill, but so what. If they were really concerned they'd ask for my list and do my shopping for me.ha!:-)i won't hold my breath

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I hope you get to feeling much better soon. I got your msg yesturday but I have no voice so I couldn't answer the phone. :lol:

Everyone is so different with their BP so it's hard to know if that's too low for you or not. If you were feeling much more symptomatic than normal than it could be a factor.

I totally understand wanting to get out and do as much as you can for yourself and how depressing it is when you can't get out and do. I think if you feel well enough to get out and the only thing stopping you is the walking then find or rent a wheelchair and go to the museum. You may have to sit but you can still enjoy things!!!!!

Also, one thing I have been told by many Dr's is anytime you have to go out and especially if you know you need to stand drink two big bottles of water one to two hours before you leave. This really does help!!!

Load up on the fluids and salt and see if that help.

If you need a quick boost of sodium the ramen noodles are a good option too (although they don't have good nutritional value).

Hang in there! I'm sending HUGS and well wishes your way!!!!

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i'm sorry you're feeling this bad. but katherine made a good point: most museums have wheelchairs, so you would be able to go visit one. whenever i can (and someone can accompany me) i go visit a museum. it so much helps to watch beautiful paintings or art, it always makes me feel better. although i hated my wheelchair at first, it is my best friend now as it helps me getting out!!!!


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Guest Finrussak

Just a thought

instead of getting all upset at numbers relating to BP why not only go by way you feel? Reason is that Ive been saving my energies lately to peruse the Lyme support stuff and new things ...and the Marshall Protocol being used for many chronic so called uncureable conditions uses Benicar , an ARB blood pressure med to interrupt the pathways of Th1 inflammation and immune system. This in effect "allows" the body to better fight any bacterial infection (like Lyme or newly discovered pleomorphic bacteria which is implicated in casuing CFS and even Sarcoid) along with abx etc.

The point here is that these people take this drug and have UNbelievably LOW bps while under tx!!! I have seen obscene postings of them walking around ( a bit woozy but NOT fainting) at 65/43 etc...

If curious -google the protocol name, then click on their message boards and see how low these people are reported having as BP readings!!!

Interesting that they go more by sx than numbers...personally Id be scared out of my mind to walk around with those numbers they report!!! But they seem to be getting well!!! Time and more studies will tell if its truly curative.

Perhaps it will put BP readings into perspective and quell fears of whats "too low"

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