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Hyper adrengic pots and my guts.......

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59


Tonight I made baked chicken with mashed potatos and gravy---and carrots. I took my klonopin at 4:30. After I took the klonopin I get kind of a strange fatigue/wired feeling for the first hour---then it seems to help somewhat. It's too soon to tell. Last night it took a while to help---but when it did it seemd to last the whole night and morning---including helping my gut. Well I discovered that one shouldn't try to make dinner or do much of anything while taking klonopin---not in the beginning. It feels a real strain to even stir the mashed potatos. I just got so wiped out and i'm still trying to recover.

OK folks---I know theres quite a lot of you who have dealt with GEORGE----(aka--hyperadrengic attacks).

Do your guts go into total knots with this making it very difficult for you to eat? Most of you know me after I had already been through this-----but now it's back. At least I have Dr. Grubb this time...........I have had the bloating before--I get that all the time---even without the hyperadrengic spells, but not the knots.

I'm sorry to be so graphic---but I find it interesting that the last time I had this bout of hyper-adrengic attacks---I also had BMs that were loose and gold in color---and now it's back

Here's what happens-----my belly starts knotting up right away---and pretty much stays that way even after the bad attacks pass-----there always seems to be an excess of adrenaline even after the attacks pass---but more like it's seeping---- other then pouring out of me as it does during the attacks.

I'm telling you the bloat is crazy------I know I have lost some weight from not being able to eat much---but it's so hard to tell as my belly is always bloated most of the time. I look 7 months pregnant. I have to unzip my pants all the way. Do you also get nausea---and burp violent burps---sort of dry heaving along with them? The only time I see my belly close to normal is in the morning when I first wake up.

Then when I yawn---I can never get a full yawn in---do you know what I mean?

The pain I get in my GUT is a twisting/sharp pain starting on the upper abdomin.

By the way---i'm trying to find that post about the research on hyperadrengic pots and a possible answer for this along with possible treatment........................Anyone know where it is?

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh............sorry---trying to get into the Christmas spirit...

Julie :0)

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Hi Julia,

When I take the klonopin I use a baby dose and work up from there if I need more. It can make you feel poopy(no pun intended). When I get those attacks I usually have to go to the loo with bad tummy cramps, I feel upper bloating-so much so that I usually belch right after the attacks start to subside. I have not noticed that I hyperventilate or anything like that which would cause extra air to be in the stomach. Then I usually have to pee what seems like a hundred times after the attacks also. If it is a fairly mild episode then I may not have to use the bathroom at all. Most times I look like I am still a few months pregnant but after some high anxiety days and an episode I usually don't each much if anything for a few days, lose a couple of pounds, the belly gets smaller. As soon as I am back to eating, it's baaaack! (btw, I am a little underweight, so the bloated belly really looks like I am pregnant!) :)

The klonopin may take some time getting used too. Maybe cut it back a little and see how you do. You can always take the additional piece if a little dose does not help. I take a 1/4 and see how it goes. The 1/4 does not affect me negatively. Believe me, I notice every little symptom. :huh:

There is a post above just revived again about the research on the hyper form of pots.

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightfull------- (to bad I have to go to work--so don't let it snow, don't let it snow!)

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