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I know this is off topic but...


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I go to the VA for health care because I cannot afford health insurance. I saw a doctor three months ago and he diagnosed me with a lipoma in my back. I went to see another doctor two day ago and she said it wasn't a lipoma, nor a sarcoma, but just unusual fat or muscle growth.

Now they are not going to remove it. I am going back in three months to have it looked at again.

I am wondering if this bump, about the size and shap of half of a hot dog bun, since it is on my back and near, but not close to my spine is repsonsible for the involuntary movements I have had. She did examine my spine and pressed between the vertibrae which I read is done to find out if any involuntary movements occur, but none did. She kept asking me if I had a spine problem or surgery before, which I have not.

I am concerned that I have been told one thing by one doctor and something entirely different by another.

The doctor said she does not believe it is cancer because the type of cancer that leaves this kind of bump is painful and turns color and this has not. I did confirm that on several medical web sites.

If you were me what would you do? I am thinking of seeking a civilian dermatologists opinion. I am also thinking of demanding that a biopsy be done just to be safe.

I will say this, if the female doctor is right, I will thank her for saving me from being cut open for no reason. :)

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Sure couldn't hurt to get another opinion.

I think I may have told you before that I have a recurring lipoma on my back--mine was about the size of a half dollar coin the first time I had it out. I was supposed to have it excised again last year when it grew back, but I haven't gotten around to it. It doesn't hurt unless I bother it for a while such as: lying on my back on a hard surface, such as when doing sit ups, or when my bra strap happens to squish it for the day (luck you...don't have to worry about THAT). It's right on the shoulder blade on my left side, so it's easy to see and feel. It's now back to about a quarter sized thing.

Fine needle biopsy isn't too painful and might be an option for ya. My sister has had this done many times for cysts that she gets in her breasts. Most of hers are benign, but she's had to have several surgeries for suspicious ones.

Better to be safe and find out for certain than find out later that you had a problem that is now past being "fixable." Nina

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What exactly are the involuntary movements you've been having? I have a lot of weird movements and jerks. Sometimes my left hand sort of jerks backwards, my small fingers on both hands press against my ring fingers and I can't move them for several seconds, my right sholder has a twich, my right leg jerks, and my big toe on my right foot used to do some weird thing, but that hasn't happened in weeks. I think it's from the POTS because I had most of these things before I started on any medications.

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Needles don't bother me, I am going to have a biopsy one way or another.


I have twitching and jerks too. The tremors went away when I dropped my aspirin regimen. I doubt the bumb is causing it, it is several inches away from my spine, but you never know.

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