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Well, for the time being my doc is taking me off the Norpace


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It didn't show anything in the hospital, but then I was sitting in bed and not doing my normal activities. But my heart rate monitor watch I wear everyday. So he wants me to do normal stuff to see what is going on. I am now going from 50-60 to 130-140s. He thinks that I am going to have to be on BOTH the Nadolol AND the Norpace, but that is going to have to be after stuff settles down. My infusion knocked me out today and once again my port hurts.

anyway...just thought I would give another update.


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Lisa, I hope that they figure out a plan for your soon that WORKS. You deserve to feel better. Nina :rolleyes:

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i wish i had something better to add but second nina & laura's comments. i REALLY hope you get some answers/directionrelief soon. hang in there,

:rolleyes: melissa

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