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Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

Just got my test results and my pcp will not be ablke to figure it out so I would like any of your feedback and greatly appreciate it.

Severe vasomotor sympathetic dysfunction with orthostatic tachycardi and mild vasodepression

POTS for sure but does anyo

ne know what the rest of that means?Belinda

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Basically most of those are cardinal signs of POTS - although the term Vasodepression I assume referres to a reduction in blood flow to the brain - something that recent studies demonstrate causes the syncope and dizziness.

Did you get an ultrasound on your carotid arteries in the neck lying down and then at various tilts on the table?

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Guest Belinda

I had TTT where as soon as they tilted me my heart rate jumped and throughout the test my bp dropped.

I had the sweat test done decreased sweating in left foot and arm.

I had vaso vagal test done was fine.

And deep breathng test.

None of my doctors will really be able to tell me what is going on until I get into Grubb or someone.

Oh and No I didn't have arteries checked.

My symptpms of course are presyncope

Vision problerms I see floaters and spots

esophageal spasms

s.o.b. swallowing difficultis and numbness in hands ring and pinkies mostly


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