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Medicare Part D

Dawg Tired

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This Medicare Part D

Will be the death of me,

or at least my sanity...

will go.

Living in the state of MO

Has put confusion in it all,

'cause Medicaid has dropped the ball,

I'm not eligible for any help at all.

And what politician,

is expecting an Internet magician,

to round up all the elderly,

disabled, widows and kids

They'll more than likely flip their lids!

Aetna, Humana, AARP,

This Medicare D

Will be the end of me!!

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Dear Gayla,

I like your poem.

I just finished reading your book, Dawg Tired, The Brain Fog Chronicles. You are a good writer. The book is easy to follow, having been written in chronological order with subheads, the style is free-flowing, and your personality and spirit comes through to the reader--here is what came through to me . . .

You do not feel sorry for yourself, in spite of all that has happened. Your illness has not destroyed your sense of humor, which remains strong, and has carried you at times. You have the ability to look at your situation logically and to react to do whatever is necessary at the time.

I am glad that you have arrived at the Momosa Hill Chicken Retirement Village.

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