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Happy Thanksgiving

Guest Mary from OH

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Guest Mary from OH

I just wanted to write a quick email to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! I wanted to also take the time to THANK each and every one of you for being here!! Many of you have touched my life personally in ways that I'll never forget! Many of you have help me out of deep, dark POTSholes when I've felt like crap for weeks on end. Many of you have shared info with me which has helped shape my treatment plan. Many of you have just been there to listen or pick me up when I was down. And for all of that I THANK YOU!!! This group means a lot to me. I try to help others as others have helped me. I pray that many people get the same kind of benefits and satisfaction from this group as I do. I believe they do. Chronic conditons like Dysautonomias really take a lot out of you as a person and a caregiver. It is SO wonderful that we have this forum to come together to support each other and to learn. I thank God every day for this opportunity, because without it, I'm not sure where I would be...

I am very thankful for DINET!!

I love you all!!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

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Well said and I echo and return the thanks of having you all here to be a support to and take support from.

I wish you many many wonderful things this Thanksgiving and in the years to come.


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You wrote that wonderfully Mary...and articulated exactly how I feel about this board.

I was just thinking today....how would I have gotten through so far without the internet and the phone! Can you imagine not being able to connect in this way, especially through this board. These forms of technology are literally my lifeline b/c they bring me HERE and to my friends HERE.

I have been profoundly changed by the people on this board. I cannot imagine my life withouht so many o fyou who have become my friends.

And, a special thanks to the moderators, who walk a fine line every day...a difficult one...and make tough decisions and read endlessly all of the posts....to keep things positive. They have a tough job, and I know we may not always agree with every choice they make, but we must remember that they have the very best of intentions to keep this board safe for us. And b/c of them we have the gift of this board and eachother.

Mary, thank you for your beautiful post. I have been given so many gifts from others on this board...and each day I hope that somehow I will be able to touch others in the way they have touched me. Pay it Forward! (I love that movie!)



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